We are a Black + Queer owned record label and holistic wellness movement rooted in the ritualist sound alchemy of the African diaspora. We amplify the voices of artists who are otherwise overlooked. Ancestor driven, as we move relentlessly in the direction of our dreams. Out of nothing we are carving new pathways and portals of sound connecting the past to the present. Out of the darkness we are committed to lighting the way for new beginnings within the musical industrial complex.

Her roots stem from the crossroads of the Western world. She has learned to dance with sounds slithering in her mouth; painting the world with the blood of words she births from a spirit that is veined with ancestral magic. Commonly described as "mesmerizing" and "hypnotizing" when she performs, Lalin St Juste shifts the atmosphere with her voice, inviting you into her cosmic underworld.

Lalin has recently begun to devote more time to her solo work as an artist.  In 2021 Lalin is releasing her first solo recordings on 7000COILS, a queer + black owned record label she has co-founded that centers the African diasporic experience through the creation of intentional and innovative portals.

Lalin St Juste isn’t one sound. Lalin is a range of experiences and emotions that are inviting you in. There is space for you and all that you feel in her offerings. She is more than a mood, she is both memory and future colliding in the present moment.

KKINGBOO is a playfully imaginative curator of sound and community through event production and is hyper-focused on creating joy through niche experiences.  

KKINGBOO is an animated DJ, fun loving and feral. A creative partner to abolitionists, obsessed with creative consulting with a clear purpose, KKINGBOO is aggressively interested in mind-melding with independent thinkers and progressive leaders across all expressions of creativity, entertainment and LIBERATION.